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I love it!

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Jim, we’ve added this feature – thanks for helping highlight its importance! I’ve updated our documentation here: http://nationbuilder.com/how_do_i_merge_duplicate_profiles

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Hi, Sherri! We answered your question yesterday on our daily NationBuilder Live webcast (M-Th at 2 p.m. ET at nationbuilder.com/live). I also explain in the video above how someone could become a member and still be opted out of email.

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Why does my name and/or Twitter profile appear on a website and in search results?

I found my name and Twitter bio on a page on someone's NationBuilder website. Why did this happen and how can I remove it?

Official response from

NationBuilder websites can create public profiles for your supporters and people who've opted-in to hear from you, either via email or by following you on Twitter. You can learn more about NationBuilder public profiles here: "What are public profiles?"

Public profiles can be turned off and on at the website and individual level by an administrator of the nation, and you can disable your own profile by logging into the NationBuilder site with Twitter, clicking on "account settings" in the footer of the website, and checking the box requesting your public profile not be displayed. Public profiles are turned off by default.

NationBuilder is not a social network, so personal settings you adjust and your opt-in status will be different across nations you support, interact with on Facebook, or follow on Twitter. For example, my profile is different in my own nation, the NationBuilder nation, and third-party nations I support, such as The Bully Project.

How to adjust settings for public profiles

Sitewide public profile settings are found in an administrator's control panel under Websites > Site settings, and look like this:


A nation administrator can turn off public profiles on an individual level by editing the record of that person (if they are a Twitter follower, NationBuilder creates a basic record consisting of public Twitter info), clicking on "Public profile" and checking "Don't publish profile on website."


Why public profiles? These feature-rich pages enable user control of the way they are represented within a nation and automatically display public pages you've created. Nation supporters can create their own profile messages, page headlines and more. To edit your public profile page and contact information as a non-administrator, simply choose site settings in the footer of the page.

Here's my profile on The Bully Project nation, highlighting where I can toggle on and off public display of the page:


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Lora, that is correct. Pages are linked individually to broadcasters.

commented on Post events to Facebook as page, not individual 2013-04-26 07:11:35 -0700 · Flag
Lora, these are NationBuilder’s official support pages – I’m sorry to hear that you were given conflicting information :(

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Ethan, definitely this is what the support forum is for – we can’t always answer every question right away (and we depend on our community to pitch in as well) – but now you’ve helped us provide additional documentation that’s available to all. Thanks!

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Bryan, we’d love to have more comments and participation on the official support pages, but definitely anything that gets users supporting each other is important ;)

Here is one of the more active groups I’m aware of, which is managed by Liberal Art, one of the NationBuilder Architect firms:


Here is the Google group for NBEC developers:


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Mark, scheduling social media posts is available under each broadcaster and you can definitely schedule a post with a link to one of your blog posts. Scheduling social is not on each blog post, though.

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